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Conversation #2 between Emmy award-winning journalist Ursula Pfeiffer and Don Thompson of nextPix — some great discussion and dialog, seeking a path forward for society.


We started nextPix over 12 years ago, and have worked since then to promote and produce human-centered films and media that focus on issues that matter to a lot of people. It’s been an inspiring experiment.

Some films, like Tibet in Song, CloudsSinging the Bones, or Bringing Tibet Home involved us as producers and/or funding sources in a significant way. Through our firstPix grant program, we’ve also supported a wide array of films that have addressed a broad range of topics, from domestic abuse (Recovering Irma) to the death penalty (Trials of Darryl Hunt) to indigenous rights (We Women Warriors) to outsourcing surrogate motherhood (Made in India) and corporate sweatshops (Sweat) – a total of over 16 feature films either produced or supported. Happily, many of the films have done well and screened at major festivals such as Sundance, Movies that Matter, Hot Docs, Chicago Documentary, New York Independent, Cinema for Peace and many others. Many have won awards; many have received national and international recognitionand distribution. But most importantly the films have all positively touched the lives of both the people who made them and saw them.

Since we have a ‘for benefit’ business model, where we devote a significant amount of effort toward producing, developing and supporting humanitarian-themed media, we’d like to sell you a good product intended to improve the world.

The product is Don Thompson’s book A WORLD WITHOUT WAR.

By supporting A WORLD WITHOUT WAR you spread a good message, help fund good projects, and become part of the effort to create peace.

Until May 1st, the publisher of A WORLD WITHOUT WAR (Del Sol Press) will generously allow for 100% of the net proceeds from the e-book version to go directly to nextPix.

You can take action NOW. What we propose is that at the grassroots level many, many people (meaning you) can buy and support A WORLD WITHOUT WAR, and that can make all the difference in the world.

We’re true believers in intention. And if we all intend A WORLD WITHOUT WAR it can happen.

We thank you in advance!

Don Thompson and Diana Takata

Click here to buy A WORLD WITHOUT WAR e-book version. Be sure to LIKE on Amazon, then positively review it and share!

If you don’t own a Kindle you can download the Kindle reader here (various platforms) for FREE.

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Please share this far and wide so you can be a WEAPON OF MASS COMPASSION and A WORLD WITHOUT WAR can become a reality.

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