About SolPix

SolPix Webzine was co-founded in 2002 by Mike Neff of WebDelSol and Don Thompson of nextPix, and featured a slew of great writers and filmmakers like Patricia Ducey, Todd Gitlin, Eric Alterman, Mike Shen, Rob Nilsson, Ray Carney, Nick Rombes, T.B. Meek, Tim Dugdale and many others.  Your Life Is A Movie, a compilation of SolPix essays  and interviews, is available from Del Sol Press here. You can check out the webzine’s archive here.

The SolPix Blog is a re-launch of the SolPix Webzine in a more modest blog format and features Don Thompson’s latest musings. We hope you enjoy.

About Don Thompson

Don Thompson founded nextPix in 2000 with partner Diana Takata and entrepreneur E. Ted Prince. Since then, the company has produced or co-produced both feature films and documentaries.  In addition, the company’s firstPix grant program has provided finishing funds to a variety of (mostly documentary) filmmakers.  Films produced or co-produced by Thompson have been international success stories, winning awards and special recognition at dozens of film festivals.  The documentary TIBET IN SONG, co-produced by Thompson with director Ngawang Choephel, won over 10 US and International Film Festival awards, including a Special Jury Prize at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and the International Human Rights Film Award given by Cinema for Peace.  As a playwright, Thompson’s plays have been produced numerous times coast-to-coast in New York, Los Angeles, and the Metro DC area. Don can be reached at info@nextpix.com.