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We’ve launched a new crowdfunding campaign for the film MEDEA, SOUTH CAROLINA. This is an exciting drama/thriller film based on the classic Greek play MEDEA by Euripides.medea-ifp

As of this writing, we’re trending at the top on Indiegogo for film — that’s pretty exciting and a testament to our great network of supporters.

If you’d like to check out the campaign, please go to the Indiegogo pageĀ here. Any level of involvement is appreciated, and the perks are great!

Below is an example of director Daniel Wyland’s work — a teaser from his award-winning short film ‘lastwinter’. You can check out the synopsis for the MEDEA film on the Indiegogo page — the script has been highly rated and received kudos from development executives. A unique drama/thriller, the film is intended to both enlighten and entertain.


Please get involved with this campaign as you can by sharing and/or contributing. Everything is appreciated. You can get all the details, including updates, at theĀ Indiegogo page here.

How the Story Evolved

A few years ago, Julie Herber, one of the artistic directors of the Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET), suggested to me that I might adapt MEDEA for the stage for MET. I went back and forth with the MET on this, but kept seeing the project as a film, and actually drafted an initial screenplay. Later, I approached the MET with a different play — The God of this World — and we eventually staged a reading and subsequently produced that play in 2015.

The MEDEA script went through several more drafts, and I ran it up the flag pole with a few producers, but it never really got any traction. In addition, the reaction from consultants and development execs was warm, but not warm enough to move the project forward.

Enter director Daniel Wyland. I discussed the project with Dan after seeing his incredible short film ‘lastwinter’ (teaser above). After showing the existing draft to him, we decided to scale it back and make it doable on a lower budget and fewer locations. With Dan, the idea would be to film the project in Maryland, and pull from Maryland’s incredibly diverse talent pool within the film and theater community.

The result was fascinating. Once I downsized the script, the consultants/development executives that I typically work were quite enthusiastic about the re-write, and as a result the script received higher ratings and kudos, and they wanted to begin shopping it around to producers.

The bottom line is that the MEDEA project remains somewhat of a work in progress in terms of the level that it will be produced. Should we be able to attract a high level production company (likely from Los Angeles or New York), Dan and I could scale up the project quite nicely, and even look toward name actors for some of the roles.

On the other hand, we have an excellent platform for making a really great film at a lower budget within Maryland.

Time, effort, and luck will tell where we land. In the meantime, Dan Wyland and I are determined to get the film done. And we’re convinced it will be great.

Don Thompson — Producer/Writer — MEDEA, SOUTH CAROLINA



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