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After about a 10 year hiatus I’ve written a new play I’m really excited about. It’s called The God of this World and has many diverse inspirations, including but not limited to the possibility of extraterrestrial life, The Importance of Being Ernest (the play), and new physics. gotw-poster-vimeoAfter years of reflection, I decided the only sane response artistically to our world was a bit of comic insanity, all with an eye toward the love.

Below is a link to the video we shot of the recent production at Maryland Ensemble Theater, and a teaser. I hope you enjoy. We really had a lot of fun with the production and I’m sure you’ll like it. The proceeds will help nextPix and Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) continue to produce and support new, innovative theatre, so be sure to share and spread the word.

Synopsis: A divorced New York City lawyer tries to convince his unemployed blogger daughter that her affair with an extraterrestrial is a fantasy. Once the lawyer’s ex-wife hears about the situation, she becomes intent on stopping any alien ‘invasion’ that may be in progress. In tandem, the daughter’s yoga-loving, poly-amorous friend meets a Harvard physicist and tests the bounds of left and right brain compatibility.

Rent from Vimeo On Demand and help nextPix and Maryland Ensemble Theatre produce the upcoming 2016 METLab Festival of New Plays and other original works for the stage.

Don Thompson

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